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Friday, 10 January 2014

Hello 2014

The last 2 to 3 weeks of 2013 have been very wet in Brunei - lots and lots of rain. Birding-wise it has been a little dull and I've only been on a few short drives along KB road during the evening. I did try to drive up the Badas road one day to find the area flooded and definitely too wet for a short walk into the forest. The electricity wires along the road are always good for dollarbirds, woodswallows and at times more exotic birds.
A casual look at a group of 15 starlings revealed this pale starling sitting flanked by 7 glossy starlings at each side. For a moment I thought it was another record of a daurian starling. But no, just a mere chestnut-cheeked starling. A female this time. Still, not a bad sighting at all and only my second ever encounter.
Chestnut-cheeked starling (Sturnus philippensis)
The electricity cables along the road also form a favorite vantage point for the resident hawk-eagles.
Changeable hawk-eagle (Nisaetus limnaeetus)
Both pale and dark morphed birds can be seen the lower Belait area. I am still undecided which I like better.

On the final day of 2013 we had a short drive during dusk on KB road. On our way back this bearded pig was seen standing on the road. In my first two years these sizable pigs were a relatively common sight on KB road, but I have to confess that this was only my first encounter in 2013 - not a day too soon!
Bearded pig (Sus barbatus).
After the 'all clear' was called four youngsters came out and joined mommy on the road...
Bearded pig (Sus barbatus).
to walk of into the setting sun...
Bearded pig (Sus barbatus).
Until recently bearded pigs were still frequently seen in one of the Panaga residential areas next to the forest. I am not sure if my lack of encounters on KB road in 2013 is just a bout of bad luck or an illustration of a further dwindling population size. Lets hope it's just my bad luck. 

Finally a picture of a juvenile black-crowned night heron taken on January 2nd. I noticed 5 of these birds very close to our house on my way to town. Whereas the two adults were very shy the juveniles hardly minded my car pulling up right next to them. 
Black-crowned night-heron (Nycticorax nycticorax)
This picture was taken without flash. Not too bad for my first pic of 2014. Happy new year!

Folkert, 10/01/2014


  1. Dat was wel leuk geweest als ik ook die aardige varkentjes had ge zien. Dus bad luck. Die hawk heb ik samen met Becky gezien, toen we een ritje maakten om Jacob in slaap te krijgen. groeten je moeder

  2. Hi ma! Bedankt voor je berichtje! Misschien de varkentjes de volgende keer :-)