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Sunday, 14 December 2014

From the USA - the Mammals of Brunei

A small update from the US of A. We are slowly starting to settle in our new hometown, Houston. I haven't had a lot of time for any birdwatching yet, though did already see a good number of new birds. Am getting especially excited by all the raptors that can be seen; last weekend we saw a good number of golden and bald eagles while we were up in Wisconsin for the weekend.

I did find some time over the past weeks to document the mammal encounters I had in Brunei in the last  years; it is a far from complete list, but it should provide a good flavor of the mammals that can be seen. This first file is the start of a much bigger documenting effort that I have set myself to do - the birds of Brunei are still to come!

The picture quality in the embedded PDF is not very good, but there is a button in the top right that should link to the original file. Comments and suggestions to improve readability are welcome. Hope this little writing will serve as useful reference documentation for future nature enthusiast in Brunei!

Folkert, 14/12/2014