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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July 2013

I was just cleaning up some of last month's pictures. And rather than putting them at risk to end up in one of the dusty corners of my computer I might as well share them!

These first pics are from a small recce with Kolbjorn into the more remote parts of the lower Belait peat swamp. After the eye-opening field surveys conducted by Wetlands International I am really keen to get some good pics of both hook-billed bulbul and grey-breasted babbler (please see Dave's excellent blog for a good description of the surveys at Still plenty of room for improvement, but the pics of the hook-billed bulbul are getting better.
Hook-billed bulbul (Setornis criniger).
Hook-billed bulbul (Setornis criniger).
This grey-chested jungle flycatcher also showed quite nicely, though the lighting conditions were definitely not ideal for handheld shooting.
Grey-chested jungle flycatcher (Rhinomyias umbratilis).
The next pictures are from a small night drive along KB road. As usual a couple of Buffy fish-owls were on show.
Buffy fish-owl (Ketupa ketupa)
This Malay civet, also known as Tangalung, was walking ahead of my car for a while. I failed to persuade the animal to look my way when I took a few snapshots from the vehicle.
Malay civet (Viverra tangalunga). 
Finally some pictures of little terns that I accidentally stumbled upon close to the coast. This colony of around 80 birds had chosen a rather opportunistic cleared area as breeding site, but it seems to work out very well.
Little terns (Sternula albifrons).
I don't normally see many terns around Seria outside the migrating season, so this flock of little terns forms a nice change!
Little terns (Sternula albifrons).
Little terns (Sternula albifrons).
 Folkert, 31/07/2013.

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