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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The carpark woodpecker

A very brief post to share 2 recent pictures of a brown-capped woodpecker, also known as the Sunda pygmy woodpecker, Dendrocopus moluccensis.

This is a supposedly common woodpecker in coastal forest and gardens throughout Borneo. I, however, seem to mostly encounter this species in any large car park. In fact, the number of times that I have seen these birds in a different environment can probably be counted on one hand.

Our office car park is home to a couple of these chirpy little woodpeckers also and quite regularly they are seen and heard as they make their daily rounds. In recent years I have been very good at resisting the temptation to bring my camera to work - but when a little family group of 3 were seen up-close on consecutive mornings, I finally gave in. And, during the lunch-break I was rewarded with the following shots of the female.
Sunda pygmy woodpecker (Dendrocopus moluccensis). 
Sunda pygmy woodpecker (Dendrocopus moluccensis). 
Oh, and my stealth must be improving; none of my co-workers seems to have noticed me trodding through the car park, lens in hand...

Folkert, 10/04/2013.

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